Eco-Fab Structure Pvt. Ltd. in Biratnagar pioneers Pre-Stress Technology, creating durable and efficient Pre-Stress Precast
Compound Walls (PSPCW). Our products, utilizing high-grade concrete and carbonized steel, cater to both commercial and residential spaces. We emphasize eco-friendliness, low maintenance, and superior strength t o withstand diverse weather conditions. Join us for innovative and sustainable architectural solutions.


Introducing Nepalese PSPCW – A Cutting-Edge Breakthrough!


Our PSPCW panels and poles represent a leap forward in construction technology. Crafted from high-quality concrete and high-tensile carbonized steel wires, they embody strength, longevity, and remarkable cost-efficiency.

These stalwart solutions are the epitome of durability while keeping maintenance to a minimum. They champion eco-friendliness and serve as the perfect partition for both commercial and residential spaces. PSPCW is not just sturdy; it’s a game-changer that excels in saving both time and money, setting new standards in construction innovation.


Easy and quick installation

High tensile wire for durability

Cost-effective repairs

Easy cleaning with water

70% resuability no extra cost

Waterproof smotth surface


Pankaj Agrawal

Pankaj Kumar Agrawal, Chairman and Managing Director of ECO FAB STRUCTURE PVT. LTD., graduated in Commerce from MAHENDRA MORANG CAMPUS. He leads committees, including Legal, Banking & Finance, and chairs Clean Concrete Nepal Pvt. Ltd. With 2+ years in Construction Material Supplies, he's driven rapid growth, specializing in Crash Barriers for Road Construction and operated Petroleum Dealerships under Nepal Oil Corporation.

Abhisekh Agrawal

Abhishek Agrawal, a Director at Eco Fab Structure Pvt. Ltd. since 2018, later assumed the role of Marketing Director. He chairs Ram Ganga Transport Pvt. Ltd. and recently founded Nayapurano Electro Tech Pvt. Ltd., an online platform for instant electronics selling. With a Commerce degree from Calcutta University and CA-PCC from ICAI, he's involved in various committees within the company, holds a diverse professional background, initially starting in the manufacturing sector at Magnum Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. in 2013.

Bikash Sharma

Bikash Sharma, appointed as Chief Marketing Officer at Eco Fab Structure Pvt. Ltd. in June 2022, joined as a Director in 2022. With 8 years of expertise in Marketing and Construction Materials, he enhances the company's competitive edge. His skills in sales, marketing, and team management streamline operations. Beyond his commerce degree from Koshi Campus, Biratnagar, he's engaged in social initiatives supporting Old Age Homes, Child Care, and Women Empowerment. He's a key member across various committees within the company, contributing to CSR, Risk Management, and legal and financial directions.

Effective Teamwork

Effective teamwork is the synergy of diverse talents, each contributing their best for a common goal. It’s about open communication, trust, and shared responsibilities, resulting in greater productivity, creativity, and success.

  • Architecture 95% 95%
  • Construction 98% 98%
  • Interior Design 91% 91%

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