We specialize in the construction of a wide range of structures, including economy homes, portable offices, canteens, guard rooms, labor quarters, storage areas, toilets, and more, tailored to specific utility requirements. Our commitment to delivering quality, versatile, and functional spaces is underscored by our expertise and attention to detail in every project, ensuring that each structure meets the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

  • Construction of diverse structures: homes, offices, canteens, and more.
  • Pioneering Pre-Stress Technology in Nepal with PSPCW.
  • PSPCW is stronger, more durable, and cost-effective than traditional walls.
  • Made from high-grade concrete and high-tensile carbonized steel wires.
  • Tailored to meet the specific needs and expectations of clients.

Not only cost friendly. I found the Pre Stress & Pre Cast Eco Fab Panel Walls 1/3 times cheap and comparing to old type Brick wall. Its cost effective, Durable and Environment Friendly too. We can reuse it, hence its easy & portable.

Sundar Thapa, Morang

Product Description

Welcome to Eco-Fab Structure Pvt. Ltd., your destination for innovative construction solutions in Nepal. Our portfolio includes Economy Homes, Portable Offices, Canteens, Guard Rooms, Labor Quarters, Storage Areas, and Toilets, all designed for modern living and workspaces. We’re pioneers in Pre-Stress Technology, with our Pre-Stress Precast Compound Wall (PSPCW) setting new standards in strength, durability, cost-efficiency, and time-saving. Explore our solutions for contemporary needs and experience the future of construction.

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Welcome to our expertise in constructing diverse, utility-tailored structures, from homes to offices. We’re pioneers in Nepal, introducing Pre-Stress Technology for panels and poles, exemplified by Pre-Stress Precast Compound Walls (PSPCW). PSPCW offers unparalleled strength, durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, crafted with precision using high-grade concrete and high-tensile carbonized steel wires.

Save time and money

Save time and money with our innovative Pre-Stress Precast Compound Walls (PSPCW). Our expertly constructed structures, tailored to your needs, offer durability and cost-efficiency. Choose modern solutions, and experience both time and financial savings.

Certified experts

Our certified experts specialize in crafting diverse, high-quality structures tailored to specific utility needs. As pioneers in Nepal, we’re at the forefront of construction innovation, leveraging Pre-Stress Technology to create stronger, more durable, and cost-efficient solutions.

What is Prestressed Concrete?

Prestressed concrete is a construction method that strengthens concrete by introducing internal stresses before it is subjected to external loads. This technique enhances the concrete’s ability to withstand heavy loads and reduces cracking.

Why prestressed?

Prestressed concrete is celebrated for its numerous advantages. By introducing internal stresses before external loads are applied, it significantly enhances the concrete’s strength and durability. This results in longer-lasting, crack-resistant structures that can withstand heavy loads, making it a highly sought-after and eco-friendly construction technique.